2019 WAM Artists

Thank you to these outstanding professional Artists for participating in the 2019 Wesleyan Artist Market, April 25-27th, 2019.

Elizabeth Ables

Katie Adams

Gary Allumbaug

Leigh Ann Barnes

Stacy Beam

Emma Bell*

Katie Berrigan

Hannah Betzel

Kendall Boggs

Richard Bowers

Jennifer Bowman

Danny Broadway

Jacob Brooker

Meagan Brooker

Teresa Brown

Kim Buckelew*

Cheri Bouchard*

Sandy Burr

Leslie Rae Cannon

Sandie Cappai

Susan Center

Adrienne Christian

Tara Ciul

Betsy Clayton

Christy Coole

Nathan Cox

Caryn Crawford

Amy Crews

Rachel Dahm

Lynette Driver

Amy Duke

Shiver & Duke

Ginny Elder

Nathan Emmelhainz

Dana Enders

Jennifer Ferris*

Ashley Finnemore

Indyasia Fowler

Natalie French*

Leatha Frost

Hannah Ghafary

Carla Gignilliat

Erin Gray Morton

Sue Grilli

Liz Hammack

Laurie Helton

Heidi Hensley

Parrish Hoag

Carolina Isea

Elaine Jackson

Kim Janis

Courtney Johnson

Charissa King

Susan Kinsella

Daniel Lai

Liz Lane

Ali Leja

Steven Lester

Cindy Manly

Spears McAllester

Lindsay McPhail

Kristi Megahee

Billy Moonan

Kevin Murrey

Dawn Newbern

David Nichols

Kristie Onorato

Ansley Perno*

Celeste Porter

Eddie Powell*

Stephanie Quinlan

Kirsten Reed

Kristin Replogle

Lisa Resnick

Jessica Reynolds

Natalie Robinson

Tommy Robinson

Julie Rowland

Sharmilla Roy*

Heather Sansbury

Jaya Saxena*

Jenny Schultz*

Gerri Semel

Kelli Smith

Charlise Sprewell

Kristen Stacey

Roberta Stalvey

Michael Tablada

Laura Tate

Brandon Thomas*

Mimi Tim

Kimberly Waczak

Rebekah Webb*

Vikki Weigel

Robin West

Katie White

Katie Williams

Linda Zust

Wiphan Ministry

*Participated in our Curated Artist section (artist not present at show) , with 50% of sales proceeds donated to the Wesleyan Arts Alliance.  For 2020, we will only have a single 3-panel "Friends of Wesleyan" booth, with limited availability and space, for artists who cannot make the show under special circumstances.  50% of proceeds will be donated to the Wesleyan Arts Alliance.

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